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French Drain Installation

French Drain Installation in Lexington, Charleston, Georgetown & Johnson City

French Drain Installation

If you are having any drainage issues, you might be thinking a French drain can solve your problem. Reed's Waterproofing & Foundation Solutions is your go-to company for French Drain installation and concerned services in Lexington, Charleston, Georgetown & Johnson City.

How Does a French Drain Work?

A French drain (also called a weeping tile, drain tile, perimeter drain, or sub-surface drain) is a common solution for waterproofing a basement. It's a trench containing a perforated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from the foundation. Improper and insufficient drainage leads to flooding, foundation, and structural damage, mold growth, and many other costly property damages over time, if not addressed right away.

Unlike area drains that only collect surface water, a French drain collects both surface water and groundwater, and channel it away from the basement foundation. A French drain can handle excessive moisture from foundation soil and prevent any water intrusion.

Problems with exterior French drains

Problems with Exterior French Drains

A French drain can be an effective option to redirect water, but it also has several disadvantages. Problems common with French drains include:

  • Difficult to install
  • Clogging
  • Expensive to maintain

French Drain vs. GrateDrain™

Despite the effectiveness of driving water away from your basement, a French drain clogs over time by soil and dirt. Even if it doesn't clog, a new French drain needs to be reinstalled after every 10 years. Unclogging and re-installing a French drain, both involve manpower and digging the soil up, costing you a lot of money.

On the other hand, GrateDrain™ is an internal drainage system. It is installed along the interior perimeter of the basement to capture water when it enters and diverts away. It doesn't take much time to install GrateDrain™ and the whole system needs small maintenance work once a year. The installation and maintenance process doesn't cost much, also there is no risk of clogging. Therefore, a GrateDrain™, installed by the experts of Reed's Waterproofing & Foundation Solutions, is more cost-efficient than a regular French drain.

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